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    Spring Season
    Incl. $25 membership fee
    Music deposit
    No music deposit required for spring session

    The Registration Form will only be available during certain times of the year, when we are registering members for the next season. Payments can be made online through PayPal, either with a credit card or your own PayPal account. Please note that we cannot issue refunds on registration or society membership fees.

    Registration for our Spring season typically runs from November 1 – January 31

    Registration for our Fall season typically runs from July 1 – September 30


    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any other questions not answered here, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us.

    Great question! The biggest difference this season is that we won’t be rehearsing (or performing) in person. Our rehearsals will take place online, so you can participate right from the comfort of your home! Safe, fun and great for your mental health!

    Anyone! As always, the Big Rock Singers has no auditions – any adult (age 18+) is welcome to join us regardless of any music or singing experience! The great thing with this virtual season is that you can sing, no matter where you live! So, for former choir members who have moved away, this is your chance to rejoin the fun!

    Rehearsals still place on Wednesday evenings – same as always. But this season, the rehearsals will be online. You simply log into Zoom at the specified time for your vocal section, and there we will be!

    We are still working out the details on timing for Wednesday rehearsals – but you should definitely plan on attending the Zoom session on Wednesday February 3, starting at 6:30pm. At that time, we will go through the songs for the season, and fill you in on all plans! Registered singers will receive a Zoom link for this session!

    Not at all! All you need is a home computer/laptop/smart phone/iPad/tablet with internet access. You will use the camera, microphone and speaker on your computer or device. Almost every “device” you own has all the things you’ll need.

    The Zoom app is free! We will send you a link – on Wednesday you click on that link – and that’s it!

    If that all sounds tricky – not to worry! We have a “tech team” of friendly choir members who will contact you to help get everything set up!

    No. When we rehearse, you will only hear the Director and the music. All singers will be on “mute.” There is a bit of a lag with Zoom, so we can’t do things in real time. If you have a question, we will unmute you – but otherwise, you will only hear yourself, the music and the Director.

    Some of the time. The Director will be able to see all singers during rehearsal. Most of the time, you’ll see only you and the Director. But, one of the fun things will be to see the faces of your choir family on your screen from time to time. Of course, you can choose to turn off your video, if you prefer – but otherwise, we’ll enjoy seeing everyone’s smiling faces at some points during rehearsal!

    Once you are registered, you will have access to the sheet music for all songs. You will print these at home to use for rehearsal instead of us providing physical copies, as we would normally do. We will also provide you with access to a recording of each song so you can hear what it sounds like, as well as specific part recordings to use when you practice.

    Yes. Rehearsals are shorter this season, so there will be more of an expectation for you to boost your learning at home. We put all the tools in your hands to do this – so it’s easy and rewarding!

    We’re not sure, as it will depend on public health guidelines as they unfold later into the Spring months of 2021. Stay tuned for more details!

    We think so! It’s a challenging time right now, with lots of stress for many people. We really believe that continuing to sing, and share our song will be not only fun, but also rewarding. This is a unique opportunity to be part of something special – we have the technology, so we’re going to use it to our singers’ advantage!

    We know that music and singing with a choir family is more important now than ever. Therefore, we have made it even more affordable to join the Big Rock Singers this season!

    The membership fee for Spring 2021 is $175 which includes your society membership – and there is no additional music deposit this season!

    Payment can be made through PayPal using the links below while registration is open. Even if you don’t have a PayPal account you can still use a credit card on their site.

    The Big Rock Singers is a community choir open to all adults who love to sing! To reduce barriers to joining our choir due to financial circumstances, there are a number of financial assistance options available. All such requests are confidential. Please Contact Us for more information.

    We have a strict policy on refunds as we make plans and financial commitments based on paying members. Once you have paid there is no refund if you withdraw.

    This upcoming season is like no other – there are lots of unknowns. But what we do know is that being together to sing is a priority in the lives of our choir members – and that we need music and singing in our lives, now more than ever! We will be making future decisions based on public health recommendations, and for now we’ll embrace the gift of technology making it possible to gather together in song!

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